Educating children is just one way of helping the next generation survive.  With an education comes employment, creativity and financial security.  Another way that Small World Daycare & Learning Center looks to improve our childrens' future is helping the planet we live on.  Our children need a sustainable place to live, so we actively recycle as much as we can throughout the facility.  We use over 1,500 gallons of milk (that's 1500 plastic gallon containers), 600 #10 cans (that's the large cans) of fruit and vegetables, cardboard boxes galore (food, toilet rolls, facial tissues, etc.), which previously all headed to the landfill.  This is now separated and sent to recylcing every week.  In addition, we invested over $100,000 in a reflective roof and solar system.

Our specially designed solar system collects light rays directly from the sun as well as from the reflected rays from our white roof.  The white roof also doubles as a great insulator, as well as reflecting the sun's rays away from the building and back to the solar tubes.  This has reduced some of the load on the air-conditioning so it doesn't have to run as long or work as hard.

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